Zizi Cardow



Zizi Cardow is a forerunner in contemporary African fashion. In 2000,when the label was launched, she began a revolution for the African fabric with a view to globalization, resulting in a growing patronage in ethnic fabric.

After her first year of breaking into the Nigerian fashion scene, Zizi Cardow the founder and brain behind the label, won the prestigious designer of the year award at the premier event, NFS (Nigerian fashion show) in 2001. This award launched her designs in to the African market in (South Africa) and Europe (Italy, France and Britain).

2002 ushered in a series of awards like DAME award for outstanding achievement in fashion, an occasion graced by the then President and commander in chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria chief Olusegun Obasanjo, St. Moritz style selection award, Imo State chamber of commerce conferred as an ambassador of fashion. Added to her list of laudable achievement is the nomination of her as the only Nigerian representative to the fashion and art exhibition in Milan tagged AFRICANDO, an occasion graced by the mayor of Milan, dignitaries and foreign ambassadors.

In 2002 her fashion house staged a top-notch fashion show tagged “jungle Renaissance’’ which received rave reviews from both local and international critics in fashion industry, this then created the scene for the staging of ‘’jungle renaissance reloaded’’ in 2006. By 2006 Zizi Cardow had become a house hold name.

Awards of Excellence

  • 2010 Peace Ambassador (UN)
  • 2010 Young Achievers Award
  • 2010 Global Leadership Award
  • 2010 Fashion And Style Award
  • 2010 Merit Award For African Heritage
  • 2010 Fellowship Award (Institute Of Managers Ghana)
  • 2010 Designer Of The Year (Life Changers Award)
  • 2010 Doctor Of Philosophy In Business Administration
  • 2010 Most Influential Person In Fashion Award
  • 2009 National Citizenship Award
  • 2009 Project Alert Icon
  • 2009 Zenith Award For Excellence
  • 2008 Mother Africa Merit Award
  • 2008 Great Legend In Africa Merit Award
  • 2008 The Nigerian Enterprise Award For Excellence
  • 2008 Fashion And Life Achievement Award
  • 2007 Pillar Of National Development Gold Award
  • 2007 African Leadership Excellence Award
  • 2007 Focic Talent Development Award
  • 2007 African Role Model Leadership Award
  • 2006 Fashion Designer Of The Year City People
  • 2005 Contribution To Fashion Sector Award
  • 2002 Nigerian Women Awards
  • 2002 St. Moritz Style Selection Award
  • 2002 Fashion Ambassador Award
  • 2001/2002 Nigerian Best Fashion Designer