There will be exhibition space available for individuals and corporate bodies to exhibit at the Extoll trade fashion expo

These will give them opportunities to:

  • Create more brand awareness for their products
  • Sell their goods and services to their target audience
  • They will have networking opportunities

There will be major press attention. Television, Magazines, Bloggers etc.



  • Designers will be working with professional in Europe to express their inspiration and to discover a new market. At the World Fashion Centre, there are over 350 wholesalers and agencies that together represent more than 850 labels. This makes WFC the ideal place for professionals from the fashion industry to position themselves and purchase the latest fashion.
  • We have been able to carefully position the Expo to a time where all buyers and wholesalers are present at the World Fashion Centre for the event.
  • We have been able to put a production company in place in Europe, in case any of the designers samples is chosen for reproduction.
  • Designers will have the opportunity to do a photo shoot with individual collection for magazine and for personal use. A production Tape of the entire show will be made available to designers at a token to help promote their businesses.
  • Designers name and Logo will be boldly displayed at the background of the catwalk set for visibility.
  • Designers will also have the opportunity to sell directly to wholesalers and the direct end-users at the exhibition ground.

The Exhibition Stand

  • Each exhibition stand comes with A plug- in socket for phone, ADSL cable or cable for internet, table and chair for set up.
  • There would also be opportunity for Logo and Banner display for visibility of Designers collection and brand names. Designers are free to rent additional space if necessary.
  • Designers are advised to come with their banners or flex for their stand.
  • Designers are expected to have all their promotional items in place at their stand. Business cards, Look Book, flyers and samples of their works on visual display.( Either on LCD or Laptops)
  • Designers are expected to add label on all their garment and garment care instruction to show how the garment is to be washed. Sizes are also expected on the garment as these are the standard practice in the world today.
  • Designers are also expected to make clear their prices in three categories ( Distributor, wholesale and retail prices)
  • Designers are advised to use fabrics or materials that can be resource for their collection because of orders
  • Designers on the exclusive line should understand that designs can not be more than two/four pieces and can not be reproduce even after the show.


  • Fashion Designers Participation Fee for the show is  €1000 per person .This includes: Exhibition stand, Fashion models and fashion show
  • For Exhibition Only, the fee is €600 per person.
  • Payment: Should be made directly to Nobel Afrik International Nigeria Bank account before the visa application.
  • Visa application should be done on time and as group: Submit your Business application best on or before 1st week in June 2017.
  •  If a participant is denied visa after submitting all embassy required documents, Nobel Afrik will be responsible for their refunds. Participants should cooperate on time with the embassy and submit only authentic documents.
  • Invitation letters, endorsement letters  and other relevant documents to help exhibitors acquire their visas, should be sent to Nobel Afrik International Nigeria Limited. Nobel Afrik is a contact for Extoll Events in Nigeria and should be provided with all necessary documentation to aid this process



All designers are meant to provide all below document of their business for visa application

  • Company and person and Profile
  • Invitation Letter for the expo (To be provided by Nobelafrik to all designers)
  • Samples of previous works or look book
  • Bank Statement for the past 4 months
  • Return ticket bn(To be provided by Nobelafrik for uniformity but to be paid for by designers)
  • Travel insurance (To be provided by Nobelafrik for uniformity but to be paid for by designers)
  • Prof of accommodation in Amsterdam (To be provided by Nobelafrik for uniformity but to be paid for by designers)
  • Tax Clearance if available
  • Social Ties
  • Employment letter on a company letter headed paper if employed
  • Salary slip for employed staff



In any case of refusal, we suggest that the designer’s collection will be showcased on the catwalk in Amsterdam because all materials for the show would have been printed and the designers name would have been in all the expo materials.

If the designer chooses to collect cash refund based on refusal, 30% of the sum paid would be         deducted for managerial process (This includes all promotional materials that would be done on behalf of the designer ahead of the expo. The refund can only be payable two to three weeks after the expo for accountability.


Designers are meant to showcase 10/15 collection each

Exhibition: Designers are meant to exhibit as much as they can carry 20/25 pieces

All collection should be well labeled with care label (Condition of wash) Full description of the garment must be clearly stated on your tag. E.g. 100% cotton etc.

Carrier bags (If necessary)

Business card and flyers

Laptop or roll up banner for display on their exhibition stands

All garments should have price tag and sizes. Price should be in three segments.

Exclusive Price (This is for garment exclusively for high earn). Not more than 3 pieces* Wholesalers price *Retailer prices

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